Which is better, Tape In or Micro Ring Extensions

Which is better, tape in or micro ring extensions

Do you want hair extensions but have an idea which ones to get? Keep on reading because this article is about different types of Jiffy hair extensions. The pros and cons of hair extensions and which ones I think will be best for you. Today we are going to be talking about human hair extensions. And I’m going to talk you through a natural tape in hair extensions that versus micro ring hair extensions.

The similarities between tape ins and hair extensions micro rings.

So, first of all, we’ll talk about the similarities between type-in and micro-ring hair extensions.

1. Don’t Involve Heat.

So similarity number one is that they both don’t involve heat. With some Jiffy hair extensions, when you get them applied, you need to use heat, like I-tip hair extensions, U tip human hair extensions, Flat tip hair extensions, V-tip hair extensions. But with tape-ins and hair extensions micro ring, no heat is involved. You don’t need to use any heat. They’re very good for beginners.

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2. Be invisible.

So similarity number two is that both types of huaman hair extensions are invisible. So when you have your hair down, you literally can’t tell you’re wearing hair extensions, which I think is amazing. Because I mean, there’s nothing worse than seeing someone’s hair extension at the back of their head.

3. Be Reusable.

Similarity number three is that both types of hair extensions are reusable. You do have to move them back up to the root. Because if they’ve grown out and they can get tangled easily, they get matted, and then the quality kind of decreases and they don’t last as long. So once you have used them, move them straight back up to the top of the head, and they’re fine to keep for, you know, as long as they look good for almost like it depends on the quality of hair extensions you get.


If you have short hair and you’re looking to get your hair naturally long, having hair extensions can be great. Because your hair will naturally still grow underneath.

The differences between tape-ins and micro ring hair extension.

Moving on to the differences and things you need to know before you decide which type of hair extension will be best for you. I will also discuss the application and the differences between them.

1. Application.

So starting with the application. There are major differences when you are getting them done.

Tape In Human Hair Extensions.

It’s like tape on each side of the extension, and you sandwich your hair together. It’s a little bit more than that, but it’s easy and simple for beginners if you do it at home.

Micro Ring Human Hair Extensions.

It’s a lot harder. There are more tools involved with tape in extension. There are no tools involved at all apart from a few clips, which I’m sure you’d have at home anyways. It does take quite a few hours to apply them. Because obviously, you are getting every little strand of little hair and putting a micro room on every strand. But with tape in your kind of section, the hair and you leave little bits.

2. Hair volume.

Another major difference when deciding between tape-in and the micro rings extensions is if you have your hair up a lot.

A difference after you get your hair done for the first time. Suppose you’re getting your micro rings tightened and moved up, which is when you get micro rings. They are quite tight after you get them moved up or put in for the first time. So when you are lying in bed, you can fill them, and it’s only for a day or two. So it doesn’t matter that much.

But with tape-ins, they lay flat. You don’t feel anything immediately, and it’s almost like you’ve had nothing done. Your hair will feel a little bit heavier with any hair extensions.

So I pro it for buying micro ring hair extensions is you can choose the type of ring you put in with your hair. So you can have a micro ring hair extensions or nano ring hair extension. So if you have fine hair, you want to go for a human hair extensions nano ring. Because they are a lot smaller, you can’t get as much hair in them. You can choose the color of the micro ring, but to have it taped, you can’t choose it. It’s just an invisible band of tape.

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3. Difficulty in taking out.

Last of all, with micro rings, they can just easily be taken out. But with tape-ins, it’s a little bit harder. You have to have a tape-in remover, and you have to take them out of your hair. Then peel off the remaining tape that’s on the top then, apply a new set of tapes then put them back into your hair.

Here is a video about how to apply micro ring hair extensions to short hair.

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