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  • hand tied weft hair extensions
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Hand tied weft extensions

Product Description

Product Name Hand tied weft extensions
Length 8”-26”
Texture Straight, wave, curly, etc.
Hair Quality Virgin Hair, Virgin Remy Hair, Remy hair.
Color Full color, balayage color, highlight color, ombre color, mixed color, piano color. (customized colors available)

Hand-tied weft extensions are a type of weft that is weaved by hand, offering the most natural-looking and damage-free weft installation method available. Hand tied weft hair extensions is the most invisible hair extensions right now and it is trending because of the many benefits it offers.

At the same time, Hand tied wefts hair extensions and Machine weft extensions are often confused to be the same at first glance because they look quite similar. However, there are key differences between the two. Essentially, the hair is sewn to the thread strand-by-strand, meaning the finished product is thinner and more flexible when applied to the head. The process is taking several tracks of the hair, sew them together (based on the clients needs & hair thickness) and linked into hair using tiny micro links. So, Hand tied hair extension wefts are thinner, more flexible and less perceptible than Machine weft extensions.

Jiffy hair is a professional hair extensions wefts wholesale factory, the wholesale price is ready for you!

hand tied weft extensions

Length  8″to 26″
Shipment DHL, FEDEX etc
Price Wholesale, Factory direct price
Package 50g per pack
MOQ 100g
Hair weight Generally 50 grams

#1 Strength of Hand-tied weft extensions.

1.Seamless look. Hand tied weft hair extensions are easy to be blend into natural hair, and it’s hard to detect if someone touches your client’s head.

2.Easily Integrated Hair Styles. They’re tied into the hair in a way that keeps them hidden in any kind of hairstyle. Your clients can do any style without fear of getting notice!

3.No damage to your hair.  hand-tied wefts are typically installed with the braid less sew in technique. This means that there is absolutely no use of harmful chemicals or heat.

hair weft extensions

best weft hair extensions

#2 Product Advantage.

tied weft hair extension real hair weft extensions real hair extensions weft
100% Human hair Customized texture The fastest delivery
human hair weft extensions human hair extensions weft 100 human hair weft extensions
Customize color High cost performance Strict quality inspection
hand tied weft hair extensions for sale 1.Get ready for everything and wet the hair with warm water.

2.Soak the hair with mild shampoo for a few minutes.

3.Rinse the hair in clear wate once.

4.Do it again to make sure the hair is clean.

5.Brush into desired style after hair is completely dry.

6.Curly will snap back into posotion when hair is completely not expose to sun.

#3 Color Ring.

hand tied hair weft extensions

#4 Production Line.

best hand tied weft hair extensions factory hair
Clean the raw hairs Select qualified hair from raw hair bulk
hair factory houston hair beauty factory
Hair dyeing Glue processing

#5 Our advantages and services.

hair extension supplier wholesale hand tied weft extensions on short hair
Worldwide ShippingService No tangling,No Shedding
i tip hair extensions for black hair pre bonded real hair extensions
Custom Packging Service 7*24 hours online service

#6 Service Guarantee.

hand tied weft hair extension

hand tied weft hair extension extension weft hair professional weft hair extensions
24-hour customner service Guaranteed delivery time High quality products andservice for you
weft hair extensions salon weft hair extensions human hair weft human hair extensions
Self owned factory direct sales, fast delivery More than 20 years ol experience, excellent quality Real test certificate certification

#7 About Jiffhair.

hand tied skin weft hair extensions

human hair factory

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Do Hand Tied WEFT Extensions Use Heat Or Glue?

No! The beauty of hand tied extensions is that they’re sewn into the hair. This avoids the need for any damaging heat or glue during the application process. This also means that once the stylist removes your extensions there will be no heat damage or residue to remove.

Do Hand Tied Human Hair Extensions Hurt During The Application Process?

Platinum Seamless Hand-Tied Extensions are pain-free! Your stylist will treat your natural hair extremely carefully to ensure there is no pulling or discomfort. Additionally, every weft delivers even weight distribution. This makes for no discomfort during application and damage-free results afterward.

Can I Style My Hand Tied Extensions?

As long as you’ve opted for 100% Remy human hair (such as Platinum Seamless extensions), then absolutely! There’ll be no need to alter your usual hair routine. This includes heat styling. You can happily still blow-dry, curl, and straighten your hair with no issues or damage. Additionally, your hand-tied weft will be so secure that none of the seams will show through.

Water Test For Jiffy Hair Extensions

Blow-Dry For Jiffy Hair Extensions

Why choose Jiffyhair?

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