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  • micro ring loop hair extensions
  • micro loop ring hair extensions
  • micro ring human hair extensions

Micro ring loop hair extensions

Product Description

Product Name Micro ring loop hair extensions
Length 8”-26
Color Full color, balayage color, highlight color, ombre color, mixed color, piano color. (customized colors available)
Texture  Straight, wave, curly, etc.
Hair Quality Virgin Hair, Virgin Remy Hair.

Micro ring loop hair extensions, which uses a technique with tiny copper rings to combine strands of natural hair with the hair extension. Also known as micro bead or micro loop extensions.

Strength of Micro ring loop hair extensions:

1. Discretion. Micro loop extensions are one of the subtlest types of extensions on the market and are easy to seamlessly blend with your hair.

2. Do no damage to your hair. micro loop ring hair extensions do not use any adhesives to connect the extensions making them kind to your natural hair.

3. Long lasting.  You can re-use the hair with new rings over and over again. When you take good care of your micro ring human hair extensions, they can last up to six months (sometimes even longer).

4. Can Sleep Wearing micro bead micro ring hair extensions.

Color ring of jiffy hair extensions

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