Wholesale Halo Hair Extensions

Wholesale halo hair extensions are hair extensions sold by hair factory or hair manufactuer at a discounted price to businesses such as salons and retailers who purchase them in bulk quantities to resell to their clients.

Human Hair Halo Extensions is a popular type of hair extension that uses a wire or string to attach the hair extensions to the head, eliminating the need for clips, tape, or glue.

Jiffyhair wholesale halo hair extensions offer a great opportunity for businesses to offer high-quality hair extensions to their clients at a discounted price. It is important to find a reputable seller and to choose the right type of halo hair extension for the desired look and level of convenience.

Wholesale Halo Hair Extensions FAQ

No, Halo Hair Extensions are designed to be a non-damaging way to add instant length and volume to your natural hair. They will not damage your hair, even if your hair is still recovering from years of abuse, such as bottle bleach, heat-damaged hair, or frizzy hair.

Halo Hair Extensions can last up to six months or even up to a year, depending on how well you use and take care of them. Proper brushing, treating them with the right products, and not washing them too often are essential tips for prolonging the Halo Hair Extensions lifespan.

Yes, you can wear Halo Hair Extensions daily, but they should only be worn when you want to enhance the length and thickness of your hair. If worn, removed, and cared for properly, Halo Hair Extensions cause no damage to your hair.

To choose the right size of your Halo Hair Extension, measure the circumference of your head about one inch above your eyebrows and ears. This will be the size of the Halo you should select. If you fall between two sizes, opt for the smaller one as the wire of the Halo is stretchable and can be adjusted to fit your head.

To attach Halo Hair Extensions, you should follow these simple steps:


A: Brush your hair to remove any tangles and make a horizontal part in your hair about an inch or two above your ears.

B: Place the Halo Hair Extension on your head, so the wire sits about an inch to three inches behind your hairline and the back of the hair extensions slides down just at or on top of the occipital bone.

C: Pull the sides of your hair over the top of the Halo, so it is hidden and blends with your natural hair.

D: Use a comb or brush to blend your natural hair with the Halo Hair Extension to create a seamless look.

Yes, you can style Halo Hair Extensions just like your natural hair. They are made of 100% Remy human hair, so you or your stylist may style them as you would your natural hair. If your natural hair has long layers, you may want to texturize and layer the extensions while you are wearing them.

Yes, you can dye Halo Hair Extensions, but it’s recommended to have a professional stylist do it to avoid any damage. You should also perform a strand test first to ensure that the color comes out as desired.

To care for Halo Hair Extensions, it is recommended to curl the extensions when they are not on your head but hanging from an extension hanger to see the full range of hair and get the best results. Curl your natural hair separately without the extensions in your hair to ensure a proper blend. After washing and conditioning your hair, let it air-dry to put less stress on your natural roots. It is important to limit the use of certain products, such as oils, on extensions to keep them looking great longer.

It is not recommended to swim in your Halo Hair Extensions because they are designed to fit snugly on your head and be held in place securely with the aid of your existing hair. Submerging your head in water may cause the extensions to float up and become dislodged.

It is not recommended to sleep with your Halo HAIR extensions in, as this can be quite uncomfortable and may cause tangles within your extensions and your own hair. Since they only take a few minutes to apply and seconds to remove, it is suggested to remove them before sleeping to maintain the integrity of the hair.

Yes, you can curl or straighten Halo Hair Extensions. However, it is recommended to curl your Halo Extensions when they are not on your head, and hanging from an extension hanger to see the full range of hair and get the best results. Halo Hair Extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair, so they can be styled just like your natural hair.

Yes, you can cut Halo Hair Extensions to your desired length. It is recommended to have a professional stylist cut your extensions to ensure a proper blend and to avoid damaging the extensions.

The number of Halo Hair Extensions required for a full head depends on the thickness and length of your natural hair. For a standard full head, one main Halo weft, and two additional 2-clip wefts are included to help with blending at the front. However, for a more voluminous look, you may need to purchase additional wefts.

Yes, Halo Hair Extensions can be worn by people with thin or fine hair. They are a lower maintenance alternative to clip-in hair extensions and are designed to fit snugly on your head and be held in place securely with the aid of your existing hair.

While some people claim to have successfully worn halo hair extensions with short hair, most hair extension experts recommend against using halo hair extensions for those with very short hair. Halo hair extensions are best suited for those with below bust-length hair and medium or thin hair type. If you have short hair and still want to wear halo hair extensions, some tips include using the top segment of your hair to hide as much of the wire as possible and using a loop brush or wide-toothed comb to blend the top portion and gently pull more strands from the bottom segment through the band or wire and above the halo to give the extensions a more natural look.

Yes, halo hair extensions can be worn by people with African American hair. In fact, there are specific halo hair extensions available in the market that are designed for those with curly or kinky hair textures. It is important to choose the right halo hair extension based on your hair type and texture to ensure the most seamless blend possible.

To store halo hair extensions, first, gently brush them to remove any tangles or knots. Then, place the halo hair extension in a storage bag, making sure the wire or band is straight and not twisted or tangled. Store the bag in a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight.

Yes, most halo hair extension companies have exchange and return policies. However, the specific policies may differ between companies, so it is important to check the policy before purchasing. Some companies may offer a full refund within a certain period of time, while others may offer store credit or exchanges only.

To choose the right color for your halo hair extension, it is important to match it with the color of your natural hair. Some companies offer color matching services, where you can upload a photo of your hair in natural light and they will recommend the best color for you. Another option is to order a color ring, which is a collection of hair swatches that you can compare with your natural hair to find the closest match.

Yes, halo hair extensions can be reused if they are taken care of properly. It is important to gently brush them after each use, store them in a safe place away from direct sunlight, and avoid using heat styling tools on them. The lifespan of halo hair extensions depends on the quality of the hair and how often they are used, but with proper care, they can last for several months.

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Bored of your regular everyday hairstyles?

Halo Extensions are a fast, easy way to transform your look. Halo Extensions instantly add length and volume without you having to clip in multiple pieces or commit to semi-permanent extensions you would get at a salon. A Halo Extension is a single strip of hair that is placed around the top of your head (like an angel’s halo) and securely sits in place with an invisible wire. The best part? They’re non-damaging to your natural hair and are perfect for those with thinner, more fragile hair.

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