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Weft hair extensions are made from real human hair, a collection of tresses sewn onto strips of ultra-thin fabric and ready to be processed into your hair by a hairdresser. Now weft hair extensions are very popular in the fashion world. However, the hair weft is attached to the strip differently. Some are machine sewn, like Machine weft, and some are hand-knotted, like hand-tied weft hair extensions. Whether you want to add volume or length, you need human hair extensions. The Jiffyhair factory offers the most cost-effective wholesale prices to all of our clients.

Weft Hair Extensions FAQ

Once the weft human hair extensions are in place, they can last up to a year before being taken out. Although, depending on how quickly your hair grows, the extensions hair will need to be moved up every 6-8 weeks.

Yes! You can wear your hair up or down, exercise, and do most other things you would normally do without damaging the human hair extensions. When applied correctly you can also style your weft hair, tape-in and micro bead hair extensions into a pony without any of the extension application showing!

You can definitely feel something in your hair, but you get used to it after a couple of days. They do feel a little tight at first, but after a couple days they will loosen and feel less tight.

Washing hair extensions excessively strips them of moisture and causes them to become dry. To maintain healthy looking extensions, wash your hair at least once a week using a hydrating shampoo.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is whether hair extensions can help hair grow. The answer is a bit complicated, but in short, yes, extensions can help hair grow — but they can also damage hair if used incorrectly.

While it might be possible to modify your new growth or add another set of extensions right away, don’t do it. Your scalp and hair need time (from a few weeks to a month) to rest. You should let your scalp rest for at least two weeks before installing it again.

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