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Wholesale weft hair extensions refer to bundles of hair that are sewn or machine-tied together at the top to create a continuous track or weft. These extensions are designed to be attached to the natural hair using various methods such as sewing, gluing, or using micro rings. Jiffy hair factory supplies for different types of weft extensions include machine weft extensions, flat weft extensions, micro weft extensions, and hand-tied weft extensions in wholesale.

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Wholesale hand-tied weft hair extensions are a type of hair extension product that is typically sold in bulk to professionals, salons, or individuals who are involved in the hair extension industry. Hand-tied weft extensions are made by manually tying strands of human hair onto a thin strip of thread, creating a weft.

Wholesale Hand-tied Weft Hair Extensions

Genius/Micro/Hybrid Weft Wholesale Supplier

Genius Weft are a new kind of weft extension that simulate from hand-tied weft extensions, which is also called micro weft or Hybrid weft. The advantages of Genius Wefts include their super thin, comfortable, and flexible nature, which makes them an upcoming trend in the hair market. Genius Wefts are machine-produced, which results in a lower cost and shorter production cycle.

Wholesale Genius Weft Extensions
Wholesale Micro Weft Extensions

Machine Weft Wholesale Supplier

Machine weft hair extensions are one of the most common types of hair extensions. They are made by sewing strands of hair together with a hair sewing machine. This process creates a track which is fairly thick, but is still quite comfortable when worn.

Wholesale Machine Weft Extensions

Flat Weft Wholesale Supplier

Flat weft extensions are a newer type of hair extension technique that combines the best qualities of tape-ins and sew-in wefts.

Wholesale Flat Weft Extensions

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Pre-beaded weft hair extensions are a type of hair extension that is applied using a beaded weft technique. Unlike traditional individual strand extensions, pre-beaded weft extensions come in pre-sewn wefts that are already attached to small silicone-lined beads.

Wholesale Beaded Weft Extensions

Weft Hair Extensions FAQ For Salon Stylist or Business Purpose

Weft extensions refer to extensions that are sewn or applied onto a weft, which is a strip of material that holds the hair together. The different types of weft extensions include machine weft extensions, flat weft extensions, micro weft extensions, and hand-tied weft extensions.

Machine weft extensions are created by sewing or machine-stitching hair strands together onto a weft, while hand-tied weft extensions involve manually tying the hair strands onto a weft. Machine weft extensions are typically thicker and can cover a larger area, while hand-tied weft extensions provide a more lightweight and flexible option.

Flat weft extensions are specifically designed to lie flat against the scalp, providing a seamless and natural-looking result. They offer excellent comfort, are less detectable, and can be ideal for clients with thinner or more sensitive hair.

Yes, micro weft extensions can be suitable for clients with thin hair. They are lightweight and provide a natural-looking result without causing excessive tension or stress on the natural hair.

Hand-tied weft extensions are known for their comfort as they are lightweight and lay flatter against the scalp. They provide a more natural and less bulky feel compared to some other extension methods.

No, machine weft extensions are typically not suitable for the tape-in method. They are designed for sewing or weaving application techniques. Tape-in extensions involve attaching the hair wefts to the natural hair using adhesive tape.

No. Micro weft extensions require regular maintenance and care similar to other extension types. This includes gentle brushing, using extension-friendly products, and avoiding excessive tension or pulling to maintain the quality and longevity of the extensions.

Micro weft extensions and nano ring extensions are different in terms of their attachment methods. Micro weft extensions are applied using a weft and are sewn onto a braid or bead foundation, while nano ring extensions involve attaching individual hair strands using tiny metal rings. The choice between the two depends on the client’s preferences and hair type.

Machine weft extensions are typically more durable than clip-in extensions since they are semi-permanent and securely sewn or woven into the hair. Clip-in extensions, on the other hand, are temporary and attached using clips. The choice between the two depends on the client’s preferences, desired duration of wear, and specific styling needs.

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