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Keratin Tip Hair Extensions FAQ

Keratin bonded extensions last the longest in the hair and are favoured by celebrities for their longevity and discretion. The average recommended wear is 3 months (approximately 12 weeks) but some clients have a new set every 2 months whilst others last their extensions 5 or 6 months.

Keratin Bond Hair Extensions or Fusion Extensions are ideal for thin hair because the keratin bond is fused onto small sections of hair so they are lighter on the hair and do not weigh down the delicate strands.

The average for a full head of keratin for hair extensions or Cylinder is 5 to 6 bundles (125-150 strands).

One of the main perks of choosing to get I tip hair extensions over choosing Flat Tip hair extensions is that they are reusable. As we source only the highest quality of hair, you will be able to reuse your I-Tip keratin hair extensions for up to a year, as long as they are given proper care.

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