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  • genius weft

Genius weft

Product Description

Product Name Genius weft
Length 8”-26
Texture Straight, wave, curly, etc.
Hair Quality Virgin Hair, Virgin Remy Hair.
Color Full color, balayage color, highlight color, ombre color, mixed color, piano color. (customized colors available)

Genius weft is a new type of weft extensions that simulate from hand-tied weft. It keeps the advantages of super thin, comfortable and flexible, and deal with the disadvantage of expensive and long-production time, which will be a trend for hair market in the future.

genius weft

Strength of Genius Weft:

Lower-price than hand-tied weft. Hand tied weft hair extensions are very popular and perfect, but it’s a little bit expensive if you want to sell them to your clients. So that’s why Genius weft was born, genius weft keeps all the advantages of hand-tied and the key point is that it solves the price problem, which is super suitable for all of our salon owners and brand owner, online sellers.

genius wefts

genius weft

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Do Hand Tied WEFT Extensions Use Heat Or Glue?

No! The beauty of hand tied extensions is that they’re sewn into the hair. This avoids the need for any damaging heat or glue during the application process. This also means that once the stylist removes your extensions there will be no heat damage or residue to remove.

Do Hand Tied Human Hair Extensions Hurt During The Application Process?

Platinum Seamless Hand-Tied Extensions are pain-free! Your stylist will treat your natural hair extremely carefully to ensure there is no pulling or discomfort. Additionally, every weft delivers even weight distribution. This makes for no discomfort during application and damage-free results afterward.

Can I Style My Hand Tied Extensions?

As long as you’ve opted for 100% Remy human hair (such as Platinum Seamless extensions), then absolutely! There’ll be no need to alter your usual hair routine. This includes heat styling. You can happily still blow-dry, curl, and straighten your hair with no issues or damage. Additionally, your hand-tied weft will be so secure that none of the seams will show through.

Water Test For Jiffy Hair Extensions

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