Difference Between Keratin Hair Extensions & Beaded Weft Hair extensions

Difference between keratin hair extensions & beaded weft hair extensions

I don’t know if you have noticed that many people have been trying hair extensions recently, but sometimes there are situations where you don’t know how to choose which hair extensions are right for you. Then it is necessary for you to understand the pros and cons of hair extensions to choose better the real human hair extensions that suit us. Next, I will compare the two hair extensions, keratin bond hair extensions and beaded wefts hair extensions, to introduce keratin extensions vs. beaded ones.

If you are new to extensions and don’t know the difference between keratin hair extensions & beaded weft hair extensions, I’m going to show you right now.

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What are keratin tip extensions

keratin bonds hair extensions

Keratin-bonded hair extensions are like small pieces of hair with this keratin tip on the end. It’s like glue. If you don’t know what characters, think of it as glue, heat it, roll it into your hair, and it stays, and they’re just these individual pieces.

What are beaded weft hair extensions

best beaded weft hair extensions

Now weft hair extensions are very popular in the fashion world. In addition, the hair weft uses no heat, glue, or tape to attach to your natural hair.


Now I’m gonna go over the pros and cons of them.

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Keratin bead extensions pros and cons.

1. More hairstyle friendly. The first pro for keratin hair extensions is that they are more hairstyle friendly. They are individually bonded. So you can put them anywhere on your head. If you like to do half up or half down, you can easily do that with keratin fusion extensions. You just put them lower. If you want to like certain hairstyles, plan for them before you put them in. Since they’re individual, it’s easy to move them around.

Versus the one-step hair wefts extensions, they’re of certain lengths. So they have to go on certain parts of your head.

2. Easier to maintain. The keratin hair extensions are easier to maintain, which sounds crazy. Because you have a lot more bonds, and many more things can go wrong when there are more bonds in your hair. However, they’re great for a first-time hair extension person because you don’t need to take care of exextensions like babies. One keratin bond falls out. It makes no difference to the rest of your hair.

3. Put them anywhere. A big pro for keratin hair extensions is that you can put them anywhere. If you have, like, say, you do a side part. And you notice that like there’s barely any hair on one side compared to another. You can put more keratin hair extensions on one side and fill in the little spot.

If you have a spot in your hair that seems to be a little thinner than others, you can fill it in and just piecework it. If you have very short hair and want long extensions, there is a benefit to just being able to piece them in certain spots of your hair to make it all blend together.

4. More bonds on your head. Since they are individually bonded, you have many more bonds on your head. It’s a little bit harder with keratin because you have to plan.

5. Be careful not to fall out. One thing you have to pay attention to when you have keratin hair extensions is the products you put in your hair. Because anything with oil is going to make the bonds like disintegrate, and the hair is just going to fall right out.

How to remove keratin extensions?

Beaded weft hair extensions pros and cons.

1. Easy to apply and take out. A pro for the beaded-in-weft hair extensions is that they are so easy to apply. You can apply these in 15 minutes. On the flip side, they are also much easier to take out.

2. Feel lighter on your hair. You don’t have to worry about disintegrating a bun. The weft bead hair extensions also feel a lot lighter on your hair. I think it has to do with just spreading out the weight amongst the six different pieces versus having a lot of hair on each little keratin extension. It’s pulling on all different parts of your head, versus this is just spreading it out very nicely.

3. Cause minimal damage. The reason why sticking with the hair extensions bead weft is that it causes the least amount of damage to your hair. Keratin hair extensions are not damaging if you take care of them right.

How to apply weft hair extensions with beads?

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