What Are Tape In Hair Extensions?

Whether your client wants to add length, volume, or both, the easiest and fastest way to do it is with hair extensionsTape hair extensions are rapidly becoming the preferred choice for clients and hair professionals across the globe. But do you know how many different styles of hair extensions are available? Here, we have listed six new style of hair extensions for your reference.

Six different types of hair extensions styles.

#1 Invisible Tape In Hair Extensions

Invisible tape ins hair extensions is a new type of tape-in hair extensions and the latest popular hair extensions tape in method in the market, which is more invisible and natural. It appears to be hair from your actual scalp than the traditional tape-ins.

Invisible Tape In Hair Extension
before and after invisible tape in hair extensions

Meanwhile, it is super invisible. Only 3mm can be seen, which is more invisible than traditional tape hair.

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#2 Skin Weft Tape Hair Extensions

Skin weft tape hair extensions is a new type of tape-ins that looks like your own skin, which also known as skin weft tape in hair extensions. It is more invisible and natural than the traditional tape-ins.

Skin Weft Tape Hair Extensions
before and after skin weft tape extensions

Strength of skin weft tape extensions:

  • Super thin, strong, firm, natural and invisible .
  • Various ways to attach to your hair.
  • Flexible to control the width and length.

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#3 Injection Tape In Hair Extensions

Injection tape in hair extension using the method of machine crocheted onto the PU skin, which is more invisible and natural than the traditional tape-in hair extensions and allows your hair extensions to last. So it’s supernatural, as your skin tone. And the PU leather material is more suitable for your skin tone. In addition, our injected tape in hair extension is produced using the highest quality 100% cuticle human Remy hair. It is an invisible, discrete, and semi-permanent method that can last several months.

before and after injection tape hair extensions

#4 Stitched Tape In Hair Extensions

Stitched tape in human hair extensions is a new type of tape-ins, also called tape in hair extensions with the line, with the shape of lining up, the hair seems more tidy and beautiful.

Meanwhile, stitched tape hair extensions are an excellent solution for adding length or fullness or highlight colors to your hair without any damage. The stitched line helps prevent hair shedding by making it firmer. It is applied to sandwich two pieces of tape with your client’s hair in between without bumps and humps.

Stitched Tape In Hair Extensions
before and after stitched tape hair extensions

#5 Tape in hair extensions human hair

Traditional tape in hair extensions is a permanent hair extension consisting of a 4cm wide weft of hair secured at the top with a sticky tab attached to the hair. Also, tape in human hair extensions is one of the most common and hottest hair extensions. When applying them, the natural human hair is sandwiched between two extension pieces, and the adhesive is attached to the scalp. Because it is convenient and straightforward to wear, it’s widely used by locticians, salon stylists, and locs lovers.

Traditional tape hair extensions
before and after traditional tape in hair extensions

Strength of traditional tape in hair extensions for business owners, compared with the hair extensions like clip-ins.

  • No need to take off every day. If your customers are tired of taking in and out every day, you can recommend them to try tape-ins. They only need to maintain for several weeks.
  • Lightweight. Each piece of tape hair extension only weighs 1 gram. Even if you attach for the whole head, your customers can barely feel tape-in hair extensions on their heads.
  • Need regular maintenance. It’s a great strength that if your customers are getting used to tape-ins, they will need to come to your salon regularly.
  • Less hair damage. Compared to the extensions like hot fusion hair extensions, tape in hair extensions is healthier.  And this is another reason that they will need to come to the salon to apply tape-ins.

#6 Mini Tape In Hair Extensions

Mini Tape-In Hair Extension are considered the most popular hair extensions method in salons. Naturally, as is with all of our products, our Mini Tape In Human Hair Extensions are made with 100% Remy human hair and cuticle intact so that you will wear the highest quality human hair. In addition, The super invisible tape hair extensions, compared to invisible tape in hair extensions, are not visible when applied to the hair making this method the most seamless and undetectable method of tape hair extensions.

Mini Tape In Hair Extensions
before and after mini tape in hair extensions

Where can I buy tape for hair extensions?

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Also, here is an article about 5 reasons why you should recommend tape-in extensions to your customers. I believe that through this article, you have a better understanding of best tape in human hair extensions.

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