The V-Shape For Increasing Hair Volume

The V-Shape For Increasing Hair Volume

Nowadays, many people chase after real hair extension and love it very much. The requirements for extensions real hair are also very high, which means that many people need some relevant hair extensions human hair knowledge to help them answer their doubts.

Therefore, now what we’re going to show you in this article is The V-Shape For Increasing Hair Volume.

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#1 Decide where you start.

You can start your hair volume. There’s not one right or wrong area that you can start.

You’re starting in the front. I like to get my side panel done first and then work towards the back. I like to get the exact color placement around the face, and then if I need to finesse the colors at all.

It would happen in the back if you want to start in the back and work your way forward. That works fine too.

#2 Determine the amount of hair extensions for volume used according to customer needs.

I will be working on my model with about two and a half bundles today to give her the volume she needs.

On average, it should take two bundles when doing your v for volume, but each head shape is slightly different.

So we always anticipate going a little bit more because you’d rather have too much hair than not enough.

So right now, I’m starting on the sides. I will start one to two finger widths away from her hairline. It’s, on average, about a half of an inch. I do that because you don’t see it when she pulls her hair back. So I want to ensure she can still pull her hair back, which will not be noticeable. So as I go through, I’m just going to take a delicate sliver of hair to ensure that it’s nice and clean.

Now that, starting in this front section here. you will take out that hair right around the face that you don’t want to apply for remi hair extension. Once you’ve determined how much hair you want to leave out, you will dwindle it down to the size of the cylinder. You aslo don’t want the hair to be any bigger than the size of your cylinder. The reason is that hair naturally grows straight down by putting in extensions. If you don’t want to cause any damage or breakage, you should not alter its natural growth pattern.

So by you keeping the hair going straight down even as it grows out and it is going to stay in its natural growth pattern. If you start getting triangles and over-directing hair from different areas, it doesn’t naturally grow that way. So you could create its damage. Because there’s too much tension on certain hair parts, you could create new growth patterns. So you want to be very cautious about that. You also want to ensure that you don’t have any over directly from underneath.

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#3 Be careful not to expose the extension.

Now that you’ve determined this is the exact size of hair that you want to put in your cylinder. You are then going to grab the threader. You’re going to put your fingers through it and wrap it around. You have chosen the light brown cylinders the reason you chose the light brown cylinders is because you want to match your client’s natural regrowth.

It’s going to be noticeable, because you have too light of a cylinder when the wind blows. You want to match the natural regrowth. So for whatever reason, it gets seen. It looks like a shadow or a regrowth.  You’re also working with the full point, which is just average for your clients, meaning she has no concerns.

If your client’s hair is not extremely fragile or anything like that. You can put the cylinder on, will take curly hair extensions I tip, sticking to the bottom and pinch the hair to let go and maneuver with your crimpers. Once your do that, the hair extension I tip is outside of your cylinder. But you always want the tip to be covered. So with your crimpers, you should take your cylinder, and make it flush with the tip of the extension. Having that cylinder flush with the extension is going to protect the tip of the extension making your hair able to last longer.

Once you’ve done that, you made it flush, crimped it nice and tight, and then it’s going to lay completely flat to the head. You will be placing all your extensions side by side with no natural hair in between because you are trying to build that density for your clients. Putting them right next to each other is always going to build. If you wanted to do more layering, you would leave a space and put the cylinder right here.

But we’re trying to give her maximum density and that different color variation. So you’re going to be putting them right next to each other. You will install my next extension directly alongside the first one you installed.

Follow the steps above to continue to do the following operations. Be careful not to be too dense, and try to hide the installed extension as much as possible.

Here is a video about how to apply I tip fusion hair extensions.


That’s all I’ll show you The V-Shape For Increasing Hair Volume.

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