A CASE OF Solutions for Salon

(We care about the privacy for all of our clients, so there are no important information being shown. Thank you for your understanding!)

Name of the salon: Cxxx hair salon

Country: USA

Salon owner: Charlotte

#A. The situation when they reach to us.

  1. Running over 2 years.
  2. Very traditional, only providing ordinary hair dyeing and cutting services.
  3. Business is not good, relying on regular customers.

#B. Competitors investigation:

We did a market research on the salons in the same street, and found that the salons in this street has a better business, even if the size and decoration are not better than Cxxx hair salons.

However, they provide hair extension services and guarantee the quality for 3 months, and they also put some hair extension products on the Salon and sell them to nearby people.

Also, they often do some promotional activities, so they attract many new customers, and even some old customers of cxxx hair salon are also attracted to them.

#C. Solutions for Salon:

After understanding the situation, we immediately made a plan to Charlotte that could put into practice immediately.

  1. Quickly learn hair extensions skills on hairdressing academy.
  2. Inform the regular customers in advanced that your salon will increase the hair extensions service after one month.
  3. Engage in promotional activities: if regular customers bring new customers together to try the hair extensions service, regular customers can be free in this time. (3 months available)
  4. Establish social media such as FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE, etc.
  5. Consciously photograph the before and after comparison of hair extensions for customers and then post on social media. Don’t forget to tag the hot hair extensions words and your location.

#D. Solutions for Salon Results:

Because salon still has a lot of loyal and regular customers, these regular customers can respond to Charlotte’s activities very quickly, and some of them do have brought some new customers to try the hair extension service.

At the same time, because Charlotte took very beautiful videos and photos of before and after hair reception and uploaded them to social media, the local beauty lovers knew about her salon right away. Even people from other cities want to have the same hairstyle and color as the photos they posted.

Since then, her salon’s daily appointments have been full,

and now she jokingly tells me that she doesn’t even have time to spend time with her children.

#E. Charlotte’s feedback:

Regarding the transformation of her business,

she said: “Thank you very much JIFFY HAIR FACTORY. Before I found you, I actually thought about giving up because the business was not running very well and I was losing money. In fact, when I found you guys I’m still half-trusted. But you guys are really great, and soon you let me get rid of my worries. You even sent people to our neighborhood to conduct research and talk to me in person! This is the best service, Thank you very much for saving my career, saving this salon, and saving my dream since studying!”

For her new doubts, we suggest that she can open another branch depending on the situation, hire more people, and just be a cash-receive woman.

Now she is indeed in preparation! 

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