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Brand Name: One of the best hair brand in AU

Country: Australia

Brand owner: Amanda

Profession of Amanda: She owns a top Marketing team, but she was just helping other brands to do the marketing job.

Before cooperation:

The establishment of this brand is actually based on a fate. At that time, JIFFY HAIR FACTORY was participating in a beauty exhibition in Hong Kong. At that time, AMANDA, who had a relationship with our founder TERENCE TOWNE, just came across to visit our booth. They met and had a short greetings, and after taking her around our booth, they made an appointment to have a drink after the exhibition.

At this time, AMANDA, who wanted to build her own brand, first started to talk about her own ideas. After years of helping others to enhance the brand’s influence, she gradually learned how to do brand promotion. Therefore, she wants to create her own brand and use her team and experience to become the country’s TOP enterprise. After TERENCE TOWNE heard about it, their ideas coincided with each other, and he also introduced our JIFFY HAIR FACTORY to her.

After researched, she found that Australia does not have a particularly good brand of hair extensions. At the same time, based on the trust and satisfaction on TERENCE and the service of JIFFY HAIR FACTORY.

They immediately reached a cooperation agreement on the same day. AMANDA and his team are responsible for brand promotion, while TERENCE and JIFFY HAIR FACTORY, is responsible for the production of all wig products.

(Actually it’s very familiar with the situation of most brands. Most brands have excellent marketing personnel and are difficult to find trusted factories to cooperate. Honestly, this relationship is very comfortable to us, because we only need to control the quality of the product, which is our advantage)

Preparation period:

After the exhibition, we have a short break and preparation, TERENCE took the core members to Australia for the details of brand cooperation with AMANDA.

After arriving at AMANDA’s company, we immediately started the meeting. They are responsible for the brand name, LOGO, packaging, website style, social media, market research for the best selling products, colors, and select suitable models, the video details of the brand conference and everything else about brand promotion.

And we are responsible for making the best price based on the products they give, making statistics on the materials needed, production time, etc. related to production.

After 3 days of works, we finally completed the whole brand issues.

It was a really good time no matter when we look back because AMANDA’s team is very professional and excellent. They can quickly work out the problems like a machine brain.

In this experience, we have learned a lot of skills about brand marketing.

(The brand marketing skills we learned in this experience has become our core competitiveness that distinguishes us from other factories or foreign trade companies, and this is the reason why we have great confidence in supplying big brands)

Officially launch:

On July 1, 2018, with the launch of the brand, announcements from various social media channels, and the opening of the website, the brand was officially launched. Overnight, the entire Australian beauty industry was plunged into a climax. Various salons and fashionable ladies were discussing the trendy styles launched by this brand. Tape-in hair, pre-bonded hair, ponytail, clip-in hair, etc products all make a great sound in AU.

And the MVP I think is AMANDA’s team, their marketing ability is really Amazing. They are able to let all relevant people in Australia know when their brand will be launched and what new styles they will have. What’s more, the display style of their website is a very intuitive way, which is the real model wearing effect, so that customers can see the effect of wearing the product online.

At the same time, we also gave them a month of product knowledge training before launch, so that they can have enough professional knowledge to respond to customers when they encounter customer problems.

This brand has been firmly seated on the throne of Australia’s largest hair extensions brand, and our cooperation has keeped going.


This solutions for hair distributor case can actually give everyone a good encouragement. Even if you don’t understand hair extensions and have no relevant experience, as long as you have enough enthusiasm, we can help you make your brand!

If you also have a brand dream, or you want to take your current brand to the next level, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to help you fullfil your dream!

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