Why you need a reliable hair extensions supplier?

Finding a good hair vendors is the key and also the hardest part for your hair business. It is so tedious. We are not saying this to discourage you anything. If you are able to cross this gully, then you are the best of the games. Trust us. There are so many places to find your vendors – Google, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest.

If you are runing salons, we advise that you’d better not choose your local vendors because they are not the real hair manufacture and also go out there to buy from China, from India, from all the origin of the hair. They have already gone through what you are doing right now. They actually add some margin to their price. You will not get the best price from them than from a directly China hair factory like Jiffy Hair Factory.

We would say that a lot of people have some money like some little money to play around because you have to get samples to test the hair. Before you place the order, how to know is it a scam. This is easy. All you need to do is to contact them and ask them to Facetime. So you can see the hair for yourself and know if they are a real company or real hair factory. Next, what you are going to do is to buy 2 to 3 bundles from them. Try it on for two to three months and see how you will like it. You will never notice the hair is good quality until you try it yourself. This is the only way. It deserves your time as you will be benefited a lot later.

We welcome customers to Facetime with us to check out our factory or you can come to visit us. Also, we provide the sample kit for new customers.

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