I-tip Hair Extensions Install for Volume

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I-tip Hair Extensions Install for Volume

i tip hair extensions installation

Hello everyone, I wonder if your customers have a demand for hair volume? Exactly, I’m here with my model today and she’s looking for density. But what I’m trying to do is enhance her color by giving her more dimension. At the same time, give her the density and volume she is looking for. Today I’m doing a v for her volume and I’ll show you how I did it below.

When your clients want to increase their hair volume, how do you usually do it? What I usually do is split vapour volume for my density app, which is handled differently than you would do with a classic full head.

You’ll start looking for the classic full head at the nape and work your way up. What I will do is, I will work with the roundness and height of the client’s head to enhance it to give her density.

Everyone will be slightly different because every head is different. Each has a slightly different ridge you’re using, and then a different general depth and head size. So if your v looks a little different than mine, that’s fine, as long as you know what you’re doing.

First of all, the number of hair extensions that need to be installed is determined according to the customer’s hair volume and customer needs.

Also, when installing, keep the hair straight down, even if it grows out, it will stay in its natural growth pattern. If you start getting triangles from different areas and over-steering the hair, it won’t grow that way naturally. So you can do its damage. Because there is too much tension in certain hair areas, you can create new growth patterns. So you have to be very careful about that. You also want to make sure you’re not going straight from below.

#3 Spacing between I-Tips

If you look closely at the hair, the grain of hair goes straight down. You will notice that there’s a little bit of space in the center of my cylinder. The reason is that I have an even weight distribution as I clip my cylinders tight. So that means the hair is splitting into either side. Your goal when doing your extensions is to have that even balanced weight. Because it’s going to grow straight down, and it’s not going to tend to flip or turn.

Suppose you have all of your hair inside the cylinder shift it to one side or another. as it grows and gets that movement away from the head. It’s going to tend to flip or lean in that direction. Suppose you have it just like this where the space is suitable in the middle. That means you’re getting your placement done when you clamped it down. It was precisely centered on how the section naturally grows. So it created that perfect space in between.

#4 Correct Positioning While Installing I-Tips

As you’re installing the extensions with the I tip extension hair, you want to be very cautious about your standing position. If you’re shifted one way or another, you will see that your hair extensions I tips will follow in that direction. So when you guys are installing your extensions, you want to stand very central with the best hair extensions I tip that you’re installing so that you’re staying very centered, and it’s going to go straight down.

I do see that I could add at least one more over on this front side here. So I’m going to go ahead and do that. Come on. So I’m just finishing my last I tip extensions hair.

As you can see, I’ve done a v-shape around the head. We call it v for volume so you can get that density. We’ve added some dimensional color for her. she likes those warmer suns kissed golden kinds of looks, so I used the 711 dc and the ombre four, so the om4. Because she does have that regrowth area. So I wanted to give that drag-down dimension towards the back as well. But maintaining that brightness through the ends. Because as we saw when we first started, she also has that brightness through her ends. So I did horizontal on the sides, vertical down towards the back, hitting that occipital bone, and again going up towards that other side.

When doing a v for volume, you only want to work with one sectioning now and then, depending on how thin they are on the sides. You could add a horizontal row either above or below your section here. To give them a little bit more density around the face.

So now that I finished here, I’m going to go ahead and cut her extensions hair. When working with a v for volume, you cut the extensions to match their natural length. The v-shape for volume does not give any length. You’re only doing it for density. If your client needs length, you must go towards a full head or a classic creative application and work your way elsewhere.

So I finished her v for volume installation; as you can see, it doesn’t add a ton of length. Because that’s not what it was intended for it. It just adds that volume. But you do want to ensure you don’t have the scraggly ends. So you are going to cut it to match their length. So as you pull through, you’ll see her natural hair stops here. So that’s exactly where I’m going to take my razor, and I’m going to cut using very soft strokes. It is the same to match their length. So pulling it through. she does have a little bit more of a v. So I’m going to go down at a little bit more of an angle to mirror precisely what she naturally has.

The purpose of this step is mainly to make the newly connected hair fit well with their hair, forming a very natural arc.

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