How to Take Care of Your Hair Extensions in the Summer

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How to Take Care of Your Hair Extensions in the Summer

How to Take Care of Your Hair Extensions in the Summer

Summertime is finally here. But with natural hair extension, we want you to take care of them. You’ve invested this money. Let’s invest in maintaining them and making a mess the longest they can. So those who wear permanent hair extension know that summertime mentions don’t always go hand in hand. So we want to give you some tips and tricks on making your the best hair extensions last and keep that quality throughout summer.

#1 Keep Sunscreen Off Extensions Completely.

So now we’re going to talk about sunscreen. One of the first things you want to do is make sure always to protect your skin, but you need to think about your extensions as well.

So you’d want to stay away from chemical-based sunscreens, and we recommend a mineral-based one. What sunscreens can do is especial if you have blonde hair and you spray it on, and you don’t protect your hair. It can turn them orange or different colors. So you want to keep that sunscreen off of the hair extensions real completely.

#2 Do Not Go Into A Chlorine Pool With Dry Hair.

Now one of the things to think about with human hair extensions is they are very porous. They’re like an open canvas, and anything you put in there is what they’re going to take. So you don’t want to go straight into the chlorine with dry hair. Because it’s going to suck that up, which is not good for the extensions.

#3 Lock Hair Moisture And Prevent Tangling.

You want to be able to take first a leave-in conditioner, and you want to wet your hair with natural water. This is filling it up with all of that good stuff. Then you’re going to do either part your hair into two pieces or one and go ahead and braid that hair back. That’s going to help lock in that moisture whenever you go into the water, and that’s also going to prevent tangling as well.

#4 Wring Out Absorbed Moisture For Hair.

Now Let me tell you what you’re going to do whenever you finish getting out of the pool. Absolutely and you know, with that being said, it goes for chlorine and salt water. Both of these will react the same way. So make sure to protect that hair while getting into the water. So once you get out of the water, whether it’s the chlorine or that salt water, you want to wring out all that moisture absorbed into your natural hair and extensions.

If you can rinse your hair with regular tap water, you can take out all of the salt water or chlorine that got absorbed into your natural hair or your extensions. So that you can get it fresh and clean, and that’s not just sitting and absorbing into your extension.

#5 Getting Back That Moisture.

Another tip we would recommend is after you’ve already rung it out and rinsed it with that tap water, get a little bit of the leave-in conditioner, spray it into your hair and then toss it into your purse or your bag. That way, you always have it with you. You can either tie your hair up or put it into a braid. So that you don’t have to worry about that hair, but it has that leave-in conditioner in there. So it’s getting that moisture taken up by any of your swimming activities.


So if you have any other questions about summer care, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or visit us at and check out our other summer blog.

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