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How To Dye Clip-In Hair Extensions

2020/05/29 | Eason | 0

How To Dye Clip-In Hair Extensions

We obtain asked all the time regarding exactly how to color clip-in hair extensions as well as we get that it can be a little challenging as they're such a financial investment. That's why it's so essential to make certain you're using it the right way which you select the best color of extensions to begin with.

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How do I choose the right established?

Then it's ideal to ask the suggestions of our team, if you have a specific colour you would certainly such as to achieve but aren't certain which established to choose. , if you send us some images of the colour you 'd such as to go for we'll be able to advise you on the best shade of expansions to go for.


Preferably you want to try and pick up a hair expansion color that's as close as possible to the colour you're trying to attain since we only recommend dyeing them up to 2 tones darker. If you're looking to color your hair expansions extra than two tones darker after that pre-pigmenting may be called for to guarantee you get the best tone and also for a much longer long-term result.

How much color will I need?

As hair extensions are more permeable than your natural hair you may require to use 2 boxes of color instead of one to cover your full collection of hair extensions. You require your set to be totally saturated to get an even result so you'll intend to see to it you have sufficient color prior to you start.

Can I utilize any kind of hair dye on my hair extensions?

The majority of hair dyes will function on your hair expansions however there is something you need to be cautious of. The programmer in your hair dye consists of peroxide yet it's extremely essential that you don't make use of a color with even more than 20 vol of peroxide on your extensions.

Can I still send my set back as soon as I've dyed them?

Once you've dyed your hair extensions we're incapable to accept them back for a refund or an exchange, it's crucial to note that. This is why it's incredibly vital that you examine the tester weft initially to make sure you're satisfied with the color of your hair extensions. Likewise, if you're at all not sure about dyeing hair extensions on your own, we would always advise taking them to your stylist to conserve any kind of disappointment.

How To Dye Your Set

Step 1

The best shade for coloring your hair a bright or pastel colour is our lightest blonde 

Action 2

Prior to we used the color onto Rachel's extensions we mixed it with some conditioner. You need to maintain mixing till you obtain your desired colour and the color and also conditioner are totally mixed together.

Action 3

Prior to you color your hair extensions it's best to do a hair examination on a tiny section of your extensions or on your 1-clip weft to see to it you're pleased with the colour. In this way you will not run the risk of destroying your full collection!

To use the color utilize a hair dye brush and also use it from top to bottom to get the most effective protection. If you do not have a brush then you can utilize some handwear covers to function the colour in with your hands, once again going from the top to the bottom of the wefts. When you've coated one side of your weft turn it over and use the color to the opposite side so that the weft is totally saturated before relocating onto the next one.

Tip 4

When your color has ended up refining it's time to clean your hair extensions. To do this fill your sink or a bowl with some warm water and carefully rinse each weft up until all the color is eliminated. Due to the fact that any kind of excess color left on your extensions will certainly make them more challenging to design later on, you require to make certain they're entirely clean before relocating onto the next action.

Tip 5

When your extensions are clean you intend to lay them out individually on a towel to completely dry overnight. We do not advise blow drying your expansions as this can truly dry the hair and also can shorten the life expectancy of your collection.

Step 6

As soon as your set is dry you can clip it in as well as design it as normal. Rachel opted for some classic M+B waves and we believe her extensions look impressive! They're such a fantastic blend and also we like exactly how the colour turned out.

We hope this tutorial has actually helped answer all your inquiries concerning coloring hair extensions but if you're still a little overwhelmed then click use our video tutorial listed below:-RRB-.

Ideally you desire to attempt and choose up a hair expansion shade that's as close as possible to the colour you're attempting to accomplish since we only suggest dyeing them up to two shades darker. If you're looking to color your hair extensions a lot more than 2 tones darker then pre-pigmenting could be needed to guarantee you obtain the ideal tone and also for a longer long lasting outcome.

A lot of hair dyes will certainly function on your hair expansions however there is something you need to be cautious of. The designer in your hair dye has peroxide however it's incredibly essential that you do not utilize a color with even more than 20 vol of peroxide on your extensions. To use the color make use of a hair dye brush as well as apply it from top to bottom to get the finest coverage.

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