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About Ordinary Trading Company:

The advantage of ordinary foreign trade companies is the SERVICE. 

But the disadvantage is that it is difficult to control price, quality and delivery time. Also because of the supplier’s influence, the uncertainty factor is relatively large.

About Traditional Factory:

The advantage of the traditional factory is that there is no middleman’s price, quality and delivery time are better controlled, and it is relatively stable.

But the disadvantage is that the service and communication costs are relatively large.

About Jiffy Hair Factory:

Combining the advantages of the two, Jiffy Hair Factory is a service-oriented factory that integrates the advantages of foreign trade companies and factories.

We are a service-oriented factory focused on helping your hair business grow rapidly.

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longjin Yewu Village Industiral Park,ShuiKou Town HuiZhou China. 516005.

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Mobile: +86-18122707839

E-mail : freequote@jiffy-hair.com

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