The meaning of “JIFFY” is “fast, a moment, the speed is just like the flash.”

That’s right, we just want to take “fast” as one of our main goals. This “fast” is reflected in two aspects:

  #1.Help customers’ hair business grow “fast” at the speed of JIFFY;

  #2.Reach the “fast” delivery time at the speed of JIFFY.

colorful hair extensions factory

Before getting started

In 10 years of export experience, we have won many old customers‘trust with low price and good quality. For a long time, the JIFFY brand has only exported its products as an ordinary factory name.

New opportunity

But after more than 10 years of exporting, our clients think we can do better. Based on good cooperation and trust, they entrust their business to us, and hope that we can use all the resources in China to boost their business.

Therefore, in 2018, Terence Towne, the founder of JIFFY HAIR FACTORY, officially define “Jiffy” as a new type of a service-oriented brand.

factory business meeting

The road to innovation is not very smooth

The difficulties we have been through

At the beginning, we meet a lot of difficulties, such as what is the standard of good servie, how can be a real good service, and how to gather all the resources together.

Afterwards, I would like to thank our clients who have been supporting JIFFY for their valuable suggestions. They gave us a lot of inspiration in the process of how to go from 0 to 1, from 1 to now.

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