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Tape-in with line

Tape-in with line

Tape-in with line

Tape-in with line

Tape-in with line

Tape-in with line

Tape-in with line

2019/11/09    Tape-in with line

Product Description

Length:  8”-26”

Ratio: 24%-40%.

Weight: 1.8g-2.5g/piece

Texture Pattern:  Straight, wave, curly, etc.

Tape Material: PU skin, American walker tape.

Hair Quality: Virgin Hair, Virgin Remy Hair,  Remy Hair. 

Color: Full color, balayage color, highlight color, ombre color, mixed color, piano color. (customized colors available)

Type: Stitched tape hair extensions, tape hair extensions with line.


Stitched tape in human hair extensions

Stitched tape in human hair extensions is a new type of tape-ins, 

with the shape of lining up, the hair seems more tidy and beautiful. 

Also, you can see more new types of tape hair extensions in Jiffyhair. 

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How to attach stitched tape hair extensions

Strength of Stitched tape in hair extensions:


Tape hair with linestitched tape hair extensions

1.Neatly arranged the hair, looks very neat and tidy.

2.Also a new trend in Instragram and many european salons. 


What is stitched tape hair extensions

Why choose Jiffyhair?

1. Supplying for the Top 3 hair brands in Europe, leading the fashion trend.

2. The most advanced machine and experienced workers care for your hair products.

3. One-stop services for tape hair: Tape in human hair extension, tape remover, American walker tape, and hair extension treatment can be provided at one time.

4. The world-class design team helps you create your own perfect packaging.

5. The hair we use is tangling and shedding free after washing 50 times guaranteed.  It also can be straightened, curled and styled to match all your demands.


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Invisible tape in human hair extensions


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