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Everything you need to know about tape-in hair extensions.

2020/05/27 | Eason | 0

Everything you need to know about tape-in hair extensions.

Altering your hair into a fuller as well as longer style is certainly fun. One of the most effective ways to attain a remarkable hair remodeling is obtaining human hair extensions. Your choices for styling your hair are virtually endless since hair extensions will offer you the liberty to flaunt one-of-a-kind as well as fashionable shades and hairstyles.

Amongst the preferred techniques are tape-ins. If they are what you require, check out what these awesome hair extensions are and also discover out.

Section 1: What Are Tape-in Hair Extensions?

tape-in hair extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are perfect for great or slim hair. They are specifically what their name suggests. Each item of hair extensions is pre-taped and will certainly affix to the natural hair with special adhesives, like adhesive and tapes.

Depending on how you care for them, they can last between 6 to eight weeks. The wonderful news is you can recycle them after the suggested wear.

The application approach can take as fast as 30 minutes, however it's highly suggested that an expert will certainly do the procedure considering that these hair extensions require to be close to the hair favor a more seamless appearance.

Section 2: Pros as well as Cons of Tape-in Hair Extensions

Pros and Cons of Tape-in Hair Extensions

Using tape-in hair extensions will also come with benefits and drawbacks. It's important that you think about these factors to make sure that it's the type of hair extensions you really desire.

The Pros

They are functional.

The tape-ins are much more flexible compared to other momentary methods of hair extensions. As an example, you can reduce the hair extensions so you can disperse them to locations that require even more hair.

You can install them in your home.

Many love the tape-ins since if you understand just how to do it effectively, you can install them at the conveniences of your residence. Just ask a member of the family or close friend to help you with the procedure.

They are cost-effective.

Because you can install them at home, you can save a lot of money because you will no longer go to a beauty parlor as well as have a stylist connect the tape-ins.

They fit.

Tape-in hair extensions are light to the hair. It's virtually like you're not using them! The tapes are thin, soft, and will lay level on your head, that makes them unnoticeable.

The application is easy and fast.

The whole application will usually take less than 30 mins. Various other sorts of extensions will certainly take hrs as well as will certainly require unique tools to accomplish. With tape-ins, you don't have to worry about it taking much of your time.

They are excellent for fine as well as slim hair strands.

If you have fine hair, you probably recognize that you just have a couple of alternatives when it concerns hair extensions. When you set up hair extensions to them, the worry with slim hair strands is they have a tendency to be vulnerable and also will certainly damage easily.

Considering that tape-ins are soft as well as light, they are completely safe for thin and great hair. Even if you have slim hair, the tapes are mostly undetected because they are transparent, level, and also little.

You can regulate the thickness.

You can control how much hair extensions you will certainly set up on a specific area of your head due to the fact that of their versatility. You can reduce the tape-ins as well as place more there to include even more volume if an area has actually thinner hair contrasted to the others.

The Cons

Tape-ins may drop easily if the installation is not done right.

There is a high chance that your tape-ins will fall anytime if the installation was not done properly. What's even worse, they can drop throughout an essential meeting, a job interview, or throughout date evening. With this considered, you need to make certain to protect all the tape-ins during the setup.

They need considerable upkeep.

Another downside of tape-in hair extensions is that they're mosting likely to require a lot of maintenance. This is to stop them from befalling as well as obtaining twisted. Likewise, you need to remove them more or less each month considering that your hair will grow and also the tape-ins will certainly move down as well as peek out.

Section 3: How to Attach Tape-in Hair Extensions

how to attach tape-in hair extensions
Although we suggest that a stylist will execute the application, you can still do it yourself if you have the appropriate experience. Here's the proper means of connecting your tape-in hair extensions:

Part 1: Sectioning the Hair

Part 2: Attaching the Tape-ins

Section 4: Hair Care Tips to Make Your Tape-in Hair Extensions Last Longer

hair care tips

If your hair extensions came from a reputable hair extensions manufacturer, there's a likelihood that you will appreciate them for an actually long time. Nonetheless, if you don't recognize just how to care for them, then it's most likely that incurable damages can take place earlier than you expect.

It's important that you recognize just how to look after your hair extensions for maximum usage. Some valuable methods to make them last much longer:

Section 5: Factors to Consider Before Getting Tape-in Hair Extensions

If you love to do extensive styling to your hair, then the tape-ins are not ideal. The tapes will attach securely to your natural hair, but pulling them vigorously will cause them to fall.
Tape-ins are known to require a lot of maintenance. If these extensions don't receive proper maintenance, it won't be long that they will start to tangle and fall off.

Section 6: Frequently Asked Questions About Tape-in Hair Extensions

FAQ of tape in hair extensions

Why does my hair really feel completely dry when using tape-ins?

When you use too much heat on your tape-ins and don't apply any hair serum or hair mask, this usually happens. Remember that hair extensions don't have natural oils that our scalp generates, which helps in keeping our hair from coming to be completely dry.

To keep your tape-ins strong and also glossy, apply a hair mask weekly. Do not tint your tape-ins as this will additionally cause them to completely dry. Hair extensions are currently chemical-treated, so any other chemical additions will certainly lower the expansions' integrity.

Is it okay to go swimming while wearing tape-in hair extensions?

It's completely great to take some dip on the pool, however make sure you don't saturate your hair extensions for also long. Chlorine, which aids in maintaining the swimming pool water free from germs, can possibly harm your tape-ins. Below's what you need to do when swimming with hair extensions:

Before you go swimming:

Problem your hair tips. This is to stop the chemicals to soak up right into your hair and lead to damages. The conditioner will secure and also nourish your hair also while you're in the water.
Brush your hair. Brushing your hair before getting it wet will keep it from entangling. It's finest to make use of a wet/dry detangling brush.
Secure your hair utilizing an elastic. Link your hair, intertwine it, and also protect with an elastic. This is to hold your hair extensions in place as well as stop any tangling.

After swimming:

Loosen your hair as well as wash it. Wash as well as shampoo your hair right away after getting out of the water. This is to maintain the chemicals from taking in right into your hair.
Condition your hair. Make use of a leave-in conditioner to nourish your hair and maintain it soft. This will also aid in avoiding any type of damage to your hair.
Brush your hair and blow-dry. Make use of the detangling brush to make your hair smooth as well as devoid of knots. Coiffure your hair, yet take care not to concentrate excessive warmth near the tapes.

Is it okay to exercise while using tape-in hair extensions?

You can do this by keeping your hair away from your forehead and neck. Keep your hair in a bun or ponytail and wear a working out headband or a bandana to soak in the excess sweat.


Hair extensions are one of the best ways to revamp your hair. Wearing them means you have countless ways of styling your hair.

Your options for styling your hair are almost endless since hair extensions will give you the freedom to flaunt trendy and unique hairstyles and colors.

Tape-in hair extensions are ideal for fine or thin hair. Tape-in hair extensions are light to the hair. Step 3: Section your top hair using your hair tie or clips. Take a thin strand from the hair below your parting line about the length of one hair extension.

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