5 reasons why you should choose Jiffyhair as your supplier.

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5 reasons why you should choose Jiffyhair as your supplier

Whether your client wants to add length, volume, or both, the easiest (and fastest) way to do it is with natural hair extensions. Extensions human hair are fast becoming clients’ and professionals’ first choice worldwide. But someone might wonder where to buy bead hair extensions or where is the hair factories in china? Here, we list five reasons you should choose Jiffyhair factory as your supplier.

Why not choose your local hair extension supplies?

Finding a good hair extension supplier is the key and the most challenging part of your hairdressing business.

If you run a salon or store, we recommend you best not to choose your local supplier because they are not actual hair product manufacturer, but also go there to buy from China, India, the origin of all hair. They have gone through what you are doing now. If you buy from them adds some profit to their price. You won’t get the best price from them, not a direct Chinese hair factory-like Jiffy Hair Factory.

Why should you choose Jiffy hair factory as your supplier?

#1 Jiffyhair Factory Strength

Huizhou Jiffy I-lair Co., Ltd is a professional hair extension manufacturer In China. Offering a massive range of natural hair extensions design and manufacturing services from our facilities located In the South of China, open In 2001. Supplying for the Top 3 hair brands in Europe and America, leading the fashion trend.

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chinese hair factory

In addition, The most advanced machine and experienced workers care for your hair products. We have employed over 300 professionals in charge of the product designers and high-quality staff to ensure the research and development to meet customers’ special demands.

the jiffy hair factory

#2 Raw materials

We use the best quality human hair as the raw material to produce a wide range of high-quality hair extension products.

The natural hair we use is tangling and shedding free after washing 50 times guaranteed. It can also be straightened, curled and styled to match your demands.

extensions human hair
hair factory in china location

#3 Product category

Our wide range of hair and real hair extensions are available in various lengths, thicknesses and colours, offering you a large variety of possibilities in which you can select according to yourself.

#4 Price and packaging

We are a factory direct sales company, allowing us to pass the savings on to you! As a leading hair extension brand, we produce many products each year, bringing us more incredible benefits of economies of scale. Result? Quality hair extensions without the lavish price tag!

The world-class design team helps you create your perfect packaging.

#5 What can Jiffyhair bring you?

We aim to provide our customers worldwide with good quality, competitive price, fast delivery and excellent after-sale servtce. With 1O( of satisfied customers worldwide), we can be relied upon to provide the highest human hair extensions at and cheaper.

More and more salons, online and offline stores, hair extension brands and so on are partnering with us to use hair products provided by our Jiffyhair extensions factory. And their business is becoming more and more successful. So if you are looking for top-quality hair extensions and need manufacturing, why not send them to us for superior quality and service.

How to cooperate with us?

If you are looking for reliable hair supply wholesale distributors for your hair business, please go for JIFFY HAIR FACTORY, a professional hair factory in china location. Jiffyhair’s hair extensions have been tested by more than 50+ salons, 10+ top hair brands, and more than 50,000+ customers, with a satisfaction rate of 98.35%. Quality is the last thing you need to worry about it. Also, Jiffyhair provide wholesale prices and free samples to hair business owners.

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