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7 Things You Can Not Do With Your Human Hair Extensions

2020/05/28 | Eason | 0

7 Things You Can Not Do With Your Human Hair Extensions

Velcro Clip in halo human hair extensions

We chat to our consumers daily regarding clip-in human hair extensions, styling ideas and also suggestions, however we're additionally below to help them when they've had a hair-related disaster. From burning their readied to bleach it and also even placing it in the cleaning machine (not joking) we've seen a lot of depressing hair extensions. There are, nonetheless, a few errors that turn up method more frequently than others which is the major reasons why you're destroying your hair extensions. So, to help any of you out there that really wish to take care of your set, we thought we would certainly share them here and ideally save some hair while doing so ...

1.You're Using The Wrong Products

Not all of the items that you use on your natural hair are safe to use on your hair extensions. As you're not cleaning them as usually, products can actually construct up on the hair, leaving it sticky and dull.

2.You're Not Brushing Your Clip-in Human Hair Extensions Properly

brushing human hair extensions
The finest brush to make use of on your hair extensions is a loop brush as the bent bristles will not draw or snap the hair. You can also make use of these on your very own hair so they're an excellent financial investment to keep your hair healthy.

3. You're Burning Your Clip-in Human Hair Extensions

burning human hair extensions
One of the worst things we see is charred hair from making use of warm devices that are means also warm. The maximum temperature level you intend to utilize on your extensions is 185 ° C, this is the maximum temperature level for warm styling. That's why your dependable GHDs are readied to this! Anything higher as well as you run the risk of permanently harming the keratin bonds in the hair bring about damage as well as fragile ends. You also need to make use of a warm protectant every single time you design your extensions to secure them from damages. Our favorite is the GHD Heat Protect Spray as it's actually lightweight so it does not develop on the hair while offering full defense from hot tools.

4. You're not taking them out

Sleep with clip-in human hair extensions
Clip-ins are a short-lived hair extension method and aren't designed to be put on regularly yet just for a couple of hrs. We commonly obtain messages from women who are using them to bed or to the fitness center which we never ever advise. As you're turning as well as tossing in your sleep or exercising, the clips can get caught and also pull on your hair causing damage. We constantly suggest unzipping them and also storing them in their box every evening to keep your natural hair and your extensions in the best condition.

5.You Botched Your Toner

Ashy blonde is really popular now, so we obtain that a lot of you will certainly intend to tone your hair extensions if you've gone with this appearance. Toning is truly basic however it's likewise one of the hardest points to get right, particularly as hair extensions are much more porous as well as require to colour far quicker than your natural hair. We've got a tutorial listed below that you can comply with, but we always recommend performing a strand test initially and consulting your hairdresser for suggestions.

6.You're Washing Them

wash human hair extensions
One of the greatest myths concerning clip-in human hair extensions is that you require to clean them equally as long as your routine hair, however this absolutely isn't real. In fact, obtaining your hair extensions we can actually dry them out so we advise avoiding it as much as feasible. After that you should not have as well much product accumulation to clean out anyhow, if you only use lightweight products as we advise above. Nonetheless, if you really need to wash them we constantly advise using a sulphate-free shampoo as well as being as gentle as feasible with the wefts. You'll also need to wash and condition each weft individually rather than as a full collection. For a complete step by step be sure to watch the video clip below before you wash your hair extensions.

7.You're Blowdrying Them

Your natural hair is nurtured by the oil from your hair follicles however your hair extensions do not obtain the exact same advantage. We constantly recommend washing them as little bit as possible yet if you do, after that you'll require to let them air completely dry to prevent the hair from drying out.

Not all of the items that you utilize on your natural hair are risk-free to make use of on your hair extensions. The finest brush to use on your hair extensions is a loophole brush as the looped bristles won't pull or snap the hair. Toning is really basic yet it's additionally one of the hardest things to obtain right, especially as hair extensions are more porous and also take to colour much quicker than your all-natural hair. One of the most significant myths regarding clip-in hair extensions is that you need to clean them just as much as your normal hair, however this definitely isn't real. Your all-natural hair is nurtured by the oil from your hair roots but unfortunately your hair extensions don't get the same benefit.
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